WSET® Level 1 Wine Service

WSET® Level 1 Award in Wine Service
We can make anyone a great Sommelier!


In Greece there is a widespread view that the service of wine concerns only the person or persons holding the Sommelier title . Today however, the current and common  practice in the restaurant service world-wide assumes that all service personnel have knowledge at  Wine-Assistant Junior Sommelier / Commis Sommelier level and are able to provide a quality service to their customers. Bearing in mind the fact that many Greek restaurant  & hotel enterprises are not  accustomed to creating a Sommelier team, the  training of all personnel engaged in service is particularly relevant - at least at this basic level. The purpose of the programme is to promptly meet and  fulfil the needs of the customer through the correct wine service, thus supporting the employers' demands for increased sales. The programme  gives the student a clear picture of the career development potential for a  wine waiter / sommelier worldwide.

Gift : On registration our students will receive an apron and Sommelier corkscrew from our organisation!


  • Introduction to Sommelier
  • Skills required for customer service
  • How to handle and take correct care of the equipment pertaining to wine service
  • Correct selection and serving wine to the customer
  • How to store wine
  • For successful completion of the course students are evaluated by a practical serving exam.
  • Those who pass the exam will receive a certificate WSET® Level 1 Awards in Wine Service.


  • Total duration of Programme: 9 hours + exam (the programme takes place within two days + exam)
  • Exam Duration: 3 hours
  • Entry Requirements: The student should have successfully completed the  WSET® Level 1 Award in Wines.

Level 1 Award in Wine Service Specification