President's message

President's message

10 years of WSET Diploma in Greece!

This year, amongst other things, the WSPC® is celebrating its 10th year of delivering the WSET Diploma in Greece.

It has been 10 years since we initiated the first WSET Diploma® in Greece although the whole process of representing the WSET® in our country had begun at least three years before that. The vision of the WSPC® team was, right from the beginning, twofold. On the one hand, we wished to create a structure, a means by which our students could be helped to achieve their dreams - their wine-related ones at least! On the other hand, we wanted to help, or rather facilitate, the raising of the standards of the wine industry in Greece, Balkans and Mediterranean.

Our objectives are such that it can never be said that they are fully achieved, but I think that our first decade was full of important developments. Developments that many times went way beyond our initial  vision. For example, our 2009 award as the best WSET® Centre worldwide, our ever increasing involvement with many other WSET® centres around the world, coupled, needless to say, with the excellent work of the Greek wine producers all helped to give a greater emphasis on Greek wine and to "get on the radar" of hundreds of thousands of WSET ® students in more than sixty countries for ten years.

The next decade, the second one, challenges us to set the bar even higher. In the years to come, the challenge is not only to upgrade the internal dynamics of the wine industry, but to make Mediterranean wines even more important within the global environment as the tourist product of our country but also for exports. All that is certainly pretty ambitious. But that is what we said  ten years ago ...

Thank you for everything!

Konstantinos Lazarakis MW 

President of  WSPC® LTD