The first graduates of the WSET Diploma in Greece

The first five Greek WSPC students to graduate the WSET Diploma, from left to right they are: Giannis Makris AIWS, Andreas Matthidis AIWS, Marianna MAKRYGIANNI AIWS, Victoria Peristanoglou AIWS & Gregory Michailos AIWS. Here are their CVs:

Giannis Makris AIWS : Mr. Makris has many years of experience in catering with many of the most prestigious companies in the industry, for example PENTELIKON Hotel and Platis SA, and is a former member of the Greek Sommeliers. Today he  is engaged in importing and marketing for the Alsace and the Italian firms, Cave Du Roi Dagobert & Lungarotti, respectively, in Greece.

ANDREAS MATTHIDIS AIWS : Mr. Andreas Matthidis is an honours graduate of the Higher School of Tourism of Rhodes (formerly ASTER) and of the Athens University of Economics (formerly ASOEE). Since 2005 he has been a lecturer with the WSPC and is the first of our lecturers to acquire the title of WSET Diploma studies. Since June 2008 he has been working with VS KAROULIAS as a Wine and Spirits Training  & Development Consultant. For the last five years he is the President of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Sommeliers of which he was a founding member. During the period 2005-2008 he was a member of the board of the World Association of Sommeliers. Since 2008 he is a board member of Chaine des Rotisseurs Greece.

MARIANNA MAKRYGIANNI AIWS : Ms. Makrygianni is a graduate of the Oenology & Beverage Technology Department of TEI of Athens and holds the WSET Diploma. She has extensive experience in the Administration and General management of Retail outlets and in the area of purchasing. She currently works in the Greek WSET, England Centre in the WSPC, holding the title of  Examinations Officer & WSET Diploma Coordinator.

VICKY PERISTANOGLOU AIWS : Ms. Peristanoglou has undergone postgraduate studies in International Economics and Management in the Bocconi University of Milan. She decided to deal professionally and academically with the wine trade in recent years, also acquiring the WSET Diploma. She is working as a financial consultant for large corporations in Greece, Italy and England.

GREGORY MICHAILOS AIWS : Mr. Michailos graduated with honours from the WSET DIploma. He is a graduate of the Department of Chemical Engineering from the  National Technical University of Athens and not only owns the WSET Diploma but has also earned the most WSPC scholarships in Greece. Having excelled at all levels of WSET studies, he has also won the " Apostolakis Family " Senior Scholarship which covered all the tuition fees for  the first year of study of the Diploma. He is the Owner and Sommelier of the Paradiso Restaurant and since September 2010 has been part of the WSPC team of lecturers.