Ms. Roxane Matsa Honorary Graduate of the WSET Diploma

Graduation Ceremony 2008/09 Student of WSET London

The Wine & Spirits Professional Center (WSPC), the Greek branch of the WSET London which is the leading professional educational organisation in wines and spirits worldwide, for the third time awarded, Studies Certificates  & Scholarships  in Athens at a very special ceremony held at Petreza Tower , main Sponsor of the graduation evening. 

Petreza Tower is owned by the Belba family, a member of the Wine Producers' Union of  the Vineyards of Attica (EN.O.A.A ..), with a total area 62 acres of ​​organically-planted  vineyards  is a real treasure of stone and of wood set in a  traditional wine-growing area of ​​Attica. In September 2010 Petreza   Tower will have the honour of  presenting its first bottling.

It was the wish of the President of  the WSPC, Konstantinos Lazarakis MW and  of the Belba family to promote the Attica Vineyards to the  graduating students, through the EN.O.A..A .Union. Therefore, the wines tasted by  the 450 students during the Graduation were supplied by  courtesy of the following wine producers of  the union of Attica Vineyards, which  incidentally is the largest wine-growing area in the country! The sponsors/ wineries are: - Roxane Matsa - Boutari Winery, Anastasios Frangou, B. Papagianni, Anagnostou, Darema, Kondogianni, A. Megapanos, Estate B. Panayiotou, Evoinos Estate, Papachristou Cellars, Mark & ​​Georga family Vineyards.

Inside the packed Petreza tower hundred of  distinguished guests, amongst them representatives of the largest wineries, wines and spirits import and distribution companies and trade organisations, attended the Graduation of  four hundred students of various levels of  WSET London studies: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional Certificate in Spirits. Graduates of the Greek centre consist of professionals operating within the  wine and spirits markets as well as simple consumers - wine lovers.

The presentation of the  WSET DIPLOMA, the leading professional Title in the study of  wines & spirits worldwide was particularly impressive. The course takes two years and  is taught only in English.  Every year the official WSET Diploma ceremony takes place at the headquarters of the mother organization in London and gathers graduates from 40 countries of the world. Exclusively for the WSPC - Greek educational centre's graduation, Diplomas were awarded by the  President of the British parent organisation WSET London  ,  Mr. Ian Harris AIWS ,himself. The first five Greek students WSPC - who graduated at  Diploma level are: Gregory Michailos AIWS, Marianna MAKRYGIANNI AIWS, Andreas Matthidis AIWS, Victoria Peristanoglou AIWS & Giannis Makris AIWS. 

The presentation  of the WSET Diplomas culminated in the Honorary Award of this leading qualification to Ms. Roxane Matsa.  Ms. Roxane Matsa is now Honorary Alumnus of the WSET Diploma. Ms. Roxane Matsa first winegrower and winemaker in Attica, was honoured by the WSET for her work and historic initiative in creating the largest Greek vineyard.  

The graduation ended with the granting  of scholarships to deserving graduates at all levels of Studies. The aim of WSPC is to reward the effort of all honours graduates of the WSET England programme of studies. Considering the deepening of knowledge to be a very strong incentive, the WSPC opted for rewarding scholarships that took the form of further  training .

It is traditionally established and desirable for  companies within the in the industry to offer Scholarships to deserving Students Scholarship students are those who have willingly chosen to engage in a very expensive and demanding  learning process. Beyond being worthy of these awards for  their efforts, they represent s Human investment in the future of the  Greek Industry Wine & Spirits and we owe it to them to  invest in the maximisation of their skills. A detailed description follows in the attached index to this news-sheet. The sponsoring Companies who we  wish to warmly thank and honour, listed in the order in which they presented or announced the Sponsorships, are:


  • Apostolakis Vineyards
  • VINETUM / Ambelotopi
  • Boutari Winery
  • Halaris Bros SA
  • AIOLOS Ltd.


The evening ended with the speech of the President, Mr. Constantine Lazaraki MW, who among other things said:  
"The recession creates only opportunities, not threats: opportunities for moderation, re-evaluation, creating more robust foundations, planning and establishing of a strong knowledge-base and finally finally the opportunity of ensuring quality in whatever we provide to others.  
The acquisition and foundation of knowledge is like  stocks. On good days it gives you the go ahead to invest, create, enjoy !! On bad days it encourages you to  move forward step by step. The moment you need knowledge, you retrieve from within you and it provides you with power. It can be the only true asset that you possess.  In the difficult moments of life you are not unstable. Your investment in  knowledge, will provide you with survival skills and durability. Only the trained and the strong will survive in the years to come. And if you think that KNOWLEDGE is costly, just think what IGNORANCE might cost you!!!