New Training Programme exclusively about the Greek Vineyard

HESTIA Advanced Certificate in Wines & Spirits – The World of Greek Wine

The WSPC announces the launch of the new Training Programme Level 3, HESTIA ADVANCED CERTIFICATE - The World of Greek Wine.

The  HESTIA - in the Greek language Εστία, is exclusively about  the Greek Vineyard. For the first time in the Greek wines & spirits' market there is a well-structured training programme specifically  for Greece with a 100-page manual in Greek.

The purpose of this training programme  is not just to convey knowledge to Greeks professionals of our country, but also to spread  knowledge about the  Greek World of Wine to the rest of the world. Hence the standard spelling of the its title name is in English. According to Greek mythology, Hestia, daughter of Chronus and Rhea, was the Goddess of the house and the family hearth. For this reason this new Educational Programme is called HESTIA Advanced Certificate / The World of Greek Wine to convey the Greek roots  of the new educational programme that teaches our wines, our home, of our country! Again according to Greek mythology, for the establishment and foundation of a new colony a main condition was that a  flame be transferred  from the native city / house (Hestia's Public Hearth) to the new destination. An essential factor for the spreading  and consolidation of Greek wines το foreign markets is that of fundamental  knowledge. Knowledge is transferred from Greece, its native country, through HESTIA Advanced Certificate, to all other destinations. 

The WSPC 's next goal is the direct adaptation of Greek programme  into  English in order to export the HESTIA Certificate - The World of Greek Wine. It was with this in mind that the logo was designed in English, a  modern style and character for its cover which nonetheless indicates / depicts Greece at first glance. Factors such as the strategic plan for Greek wines are covered and  included in the teaching programme.  

The structure of the WSET educational programmes normally does not include small wine and spirit producing countries. However over the years , according to the level of studies, the WSPC, has always included an additional lesson about Greek vineyards, advocating the: concept: "think global act local". 

Both the WSET England and the WSPC recognising the need of these small markets for thorough  training of their professionals operating in the domestic market have created " Specialists Certificates" a  study programme for wine-producing countries. Recognizing also, that in the last four years Greek wine is widely covered in world-class exam training programmes, such as the WSET Diploma and the Institute of Masters of Wine, we ended up writing and teaching the  HESTIA Certificate, a Higher / Advanced Training Programme for Greek Vineyards.

The duration of the programme  is of 30 hours and is completed in twelve classes of 2.5 hours each. For a student  to register  for the HESTIA CERTIFICATE the prerequisite is the successful completion of the WSET Intermediate Certificate. Programme exams are conducted in accordance with the new exam standards Level 3 / Advanced Certificates of WSET London: 1) Blind tasting of  two wines, 2) Tests consisting of 50 multiple choice questions and 3) Test with  short written answers. The duration of the examination will be  around  three (3) hours. Currently, the examination language option  is only Greek.

From the new academic year (September 2010) the HESTIA Advanced Certificate - The World of Greek Wine will be taught both  in Athens and Thessaloniki simultaneously. Registration commences on the 23rd , 2010. In these first two courses, the number of places for students will be limited. This will be  pilot course and taught only by Mr.Constantine Lazarakis MW and the eventual  participants, at the end of the teaching of this new educational programme , ie after exams, will be expected to participate in the  evaluation of the programme  itself. 

Basic conditions therefore for acceptance of a student on the  HESTIA Advanced Certificate are two: 
• Successful completion of the WSET Intermediate Certificate & 
• Participation in the final programme evaluation.

Athens, July 2010