Vertical Tasting - Domaine Spiropoulos

10 Vintages Porfiros



10 different vintages from 2001 to 2012

The WSPC ( Wine & Spirit Professional Centre ) , the Greek branch of the global educational organisation WSET London ( Wine & Spirit Education Trust ), in collaboration with the  SPIROPOULOS ESTATE in the context of the  HESTIA - A DVANCED CERTIFICATE Educational Programme  with emphasis exclusively on the  Greek Vineyards , conducted another excellent Vertical Tasting of old vintages with the Porfyros label from the  Spiropoulos estate!

It was a great honour for us to welcome  the Spiropoulos Estate  and Mr. Nonta Spyropoulos in person to a vertical tasting of 10 different vintages of the Porfyros  wine ,which highlights the great work that has for many years been  accomplished ​​both in the vineyard and in the winery. The Spiropoulos estate is one of the first Greek ' boutique'  wineries which right from the beginning had as its major aim and purpose the production of high quality wines, stated Mr.Konstantinos Lazarakis , Master of Wine and president of the WSPC .

Taking the floor , Mr. Nontas Spyropoulos, managed to take his audience on a journey covering the  philosophy, beliefs and values ​​of the estate.  "For the Spyropoulos estate  the sole goal is not simply to produce high quality grapes and wines but also to  protect the environment. As a  heritage to our children we want to leave the same healthy ecosystem that we ourselves  received from by our own ancestors. " The Spyropoulos family has close ties with the vine and wine since 1860 and since 1996 the Spyropoulos estate vines acquired the certification of Organic Farming from  DIO, the relevant  institution in Greece for the certification of organic products.

40 students from various levels of the WSPC were involved in the tasting. The presentation of wines was made by Mr Nonta Spyropoulos and Mr Constantine Lazaraki MW as well as by Mr Manos Kotsoni, the estate  oenologist who answered the students'  many questions. 

 The wines, in order of tasting were: Profyros 2001, Profyros 2002, Profyros 2003 ,Profyros 2004, Profyros 2005 ,Profyros 2006, Profyros 2007, Profyros 2008, Profyros  2010 and Profyros 2012 which has not yet been  released onto the market.

We end  with two comments from our students which summarise the experience and enthusiasm gained from the vertical tasting of the Profyros. "Thank you so much for this wonderful tasting! I wish we had more wines like the Profyros in Greece because if we did they would certainly view us differently out there! "and" Greek terroir wine at its best- and at just €12 a bottle".