Domaine Spiropoulos - Vertical Tasting

Hestia Vertical Tastings:10 Vintages Porfiros Wine

The WSPC announces the first  wine tasting session for the academic year 2014-2015 inviting you on a fascinating journey of 10 vintages of the  Spiropoulos Estate  Porfiros  wine.

The tasting will take place on Wednesday, the 22nd of  October at 17:30.

The vintages will be presented are:

Porfiros 1998

Porfiros 2000

Porfiros 2001

Porfiros 2004

Porfiros 2005

Porfiros 2006

Porfiros 2007

Porfiros 2008

Porfiros 2010

Porfiros 2012

The deadline for participation is Wednesday the 15th of October  2014. Given the high anticipated demand and the limited number of places,  booking of places will be secured through the  payment of the participation fee within the time limit and preceded by a telephone call indicating interest. Priority will be given to our students.

Ticket price: € 30.00 (Including VAT)

The vertical tasting will be held at the headquarters of our organisation: 70 Amfitheas Avenue, P. Faliro - Arrival time 17:00. Duration 2.5 hours.