Vintage Port 2003 Tasting Seminar run by WSPC, during the Oenorama Exhibition 2006

In February 2006 on the occasion of the Oenorama exhibition, the WSPC organized a seminar on "Vintage Ports 2003". The presentation of the tasting was made by the President of the WSPC Κonstantinos Lazarakis MW, together with George Floudas, a lecturer at the WSPC and Product Support Manager of L.D.Hatzimichalis. 

Vintage Ports are the best wines produced by the famous region of Douro. Unlike most of the production of this region, the Vintage Ports stand out on two important points. The first is that they are created from wines of a single year - not as blends of various vintages, and produced only in years of exceptional quality, which is about three times every decade. The second difference is that they are not aged for many years in the cellars of the producers, which would make them ready for consumption when released on the  market, but mature only for two years in barrel and are released soon after bottling. For this reason, they have the capacity of evolving in the bottle for many decades, possibly for even more than a century. Traditionally, producers wait for  the wine to spend two winters in the barrel and then go on to 'declare' the  harvest as 'vintage'. In several cases, such as in 1991 and 1992, there may be a disagreement between the producers about which  years should be 'declared'.

In 2003 vintage, even before the  end of the harvest, everyone was convinced of its unique quality . These Vintage Ports were so well structured, that all the producers of the area 'declared' their vintage status on the spot, something which is even rarer. The seminar consisted of 15 wines, many of them coming to Greece from Portugal solely for the purposes of this particular tasting. The list is a pantheon of modern Vintage Port: Quinta do Noval, Quinta do Noval Silval & Quinta do Noval Nacional, Taylor's, Graham's, Warre's, Fonseca, Niepoort & Niepoort Secundum, Quinta do Crasto, Croft, Delaforce, Quinta de Roriz, Quinta do Vesuvio and Dow's. Bearing in mind that the wines had only been released in the market for a few weeks , we can say with relative confidence based on information gathered  that this was the first wine tasting on  this topic and on such a scale, internationally. The seminar was open to graduates and students of Level 3 - Advanced Certificate / Higher International Certificate.