Introductory Course

Introductory Sommelier Certificate - 3 days

The Introductory Sommelier Certificate is the first level at which all Master Sommeliers candidates must start. The duration of the programme is two days, and the exams are carried out on the morning of the third day.

The lectures are given by Master Sommeliers, who use power-point for the presentations, which are interspersed with tastings and practical exercises in the service of wine. The exams include a unit of theoretical multiple choice questions and a practical demonstration of the service of wine.

The pass mark for the exam is defined at 60%. Included in the tuition fees of the Introductory Sommelier Certificate is a copy of the programme manual - Sales and Service for the Wine Professional 3rd edition, by Brian K Julyan (Cengage Learning publications).

Candidates who successfully complete the exam will receive a certificate and the corresponding pin to the specific level.