Preparation MS Courses

Preparation Courses


The two-day lectures of the 2 Master Sommeliers who come to Greece to conduct the Introductory Course and the Certified Exam, are the final preparation for students participating in the programme before the exams of the third day. This means that students should already have done their studying before attending the lectures.

In order to help you with your preparation for the Master Sommelier (MS), we recommend that you participate in the Preparation Courses (preparation and coaching rather than teaching programmes) lasting 10 hours (two five-hour lectures), which, although voluntary, will contribute to your achieving success in the demanding exams of the Master Sommelier (MS), by being as well prepared as possible. The courses are based on the syllabus and the requirements of the examinations of Master Sommelier and are conducted by a leading Greek Sommelier, Evangelos Psofidis, provided within a reasonable time before the actual programme of the  Master Sommelier.

It is also recommended that all our students aiming to earn the leading MS Certificate, should already have learnt the basic principles of Sommeliers having attended the WSET® Level on the 1st Award in Wine Service  Sommelier programme. This  programme is the corner stone for those wishing to pursue successful careers in the profession of Sommelier.