Benefits for the students

Benefits for the students


Special Offer ! 7% discount on wines to Levels 1 & 2 students and  4% discount to Level 3 and HESTIA Advanced Certificate students.

Dear Student,

We are pleased to announce that the WSPC®  is collaborating with the Cellier Wine Club, the oldest wine club in Greece - founded in 1989 for wine lovers everywhere, offering continuous updates on new labels, new crops and varieties from all over the world. Just before its twentieth anniversary,  the Cellier Wine Club is opening its doors to WSPC®  students ,so that at least once a month they can deepen and widen their knowledge in wine tasting.

The WSPC® , out of consideration and respect for their students have decided to offer a  7% discount to students of Levels 1 & 2 and of 4% to those studying at  Level 3 and HESTIA level, to all students having a Cellier Wine Club membership card. In the wine world, practice (frequent tasting tests) is not just an added value or luxury, but a necessity and a prerequisite for acquiring a valid knowledge- base  in global wine matters, so our aim is to encourage our students to intensify their efforts in this direction.

We are aware firstly, that the examinations for level 3 will become harder  in the coming years and secondly, that from our experience with the WSET® Diploma, we know that without continuous tastings and study of the Greek and global vineyards, there is a limited chance of success in your upcoming exams ! Furthermore, it is always important to maintain a constant contact with wines regardless of your present or future  levels of study.

Yours  sincerely, 
Antonia Kyriazis

Educational Programs Directorate WSET®




Offer : Free  6-month Subscription for the 'Hotel and Restaurant' magazine

The online magazine 'Hotel and Restaurant' is  offering a free six-month subscription to WSPC® students. The offer is valid for only six months and only for students enrolling in WSET® Level 1 Award in Wines from January 2008 onwards..