At W.S.P.C. our goal is to offer at all times a quality classroom experience, as accessible and inclusive as it can be. Maintaining an open two-way communication channel with all our students –from the moment they contact us for info to the day they receive their Qualification- remains our top priority. We do value our students’ feedback and opinions at all times, therefore asking them to evaluate our services via an anonymous questionnaire at the end of each programme. We strive to raise the bar adding value to everything we do and offer, while keeping a student-oriented philosophy and a responsible code of conduct.

Our basic policies follow:


At W.S.P.C. we uphold the principles of diversity and equality in all areas of our work. Regarding our students:

- All educational programmes offered at W.S.P.C. are accessible to all students that have attained the age of 18 years and meet the required per case knowledge base.

- A learning environment of equal opportunities is provided to all our students excluding any type of discrimination.

- All information and policies for each of our programmes is available to all our students at all times upon request, while being also available at our website at all times.

- We follow a very strict procedure when it comes to handling the personal data of our students according with our Privacy Policy, which we review regularly in order to meet legislative and organizational requirements and is fit for purpose.

- We maintain an open communication channel with all our students, asking for their evaluation of our services at the end of each programme.

We remain at the disposal of any student who believes he/she may have been unfairly discriminated against by W.S.P.C.



This policy is for all students whose performance in an assessment if affected by circumstances beyond their control. This may include recent personal illness, accident, indisposition or other adverse circumstances at the time of the assessment.

The student has to fill in an application available at W.S.P.C. Admissions Department. The application has to be accompanied by all necessary independent documentation (e.g. medical certificate from public hospital). This action must take place within 3 days of the day of the assessment.

W.S.P.C. must admit a Special Consideration Application Form to WSET Awards within 7 working days of the assessment date for which special consideration is being sought. Eligibility will only be considered if accompanied by supporting independent documentation.

Special consideration will not give unfair advantage over students for whom special consideration is not being applied or alter the assessment demands of the qualification as detailed in the applicable Specification.

In cases of serious disruption during the examination, the Examinations Officer must submit a detailed report of the circumstances and students affected to WSET Awards. This must be returned with the completed examination papers.

W.S.P.C. keeps records of all applications for special consideration.



A reasonable adjustment is any action that helps to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty that places the student at a substantial disadvantage in the assessment situation.

Reasonable adjustments may involve allowing students extra time to complete the assessment activity, adapting assessment materials such as providing materials in large text format such as a sign language interpreter or reader, re-organizing the assessment room such as removal of visual stimuli for an autistic students.

The purpose of the adjustments is to safeguard equal assessment environment to all students and must not give unfair advantage over students for whom reasonable adjustments are not being made or affect the reliability and validity of the assessment outcomes as detailed in the applicable specification. The use of a reasonable adjustment is not taken into consideration during the assessment of a student’s work.

Kindly note that this process may be time consuming, Therefore a Reasonable Adjustment Application Form must be submitted to W.S.P.C. at least 4 weeks before examinations for WSET Levels 1-3 and at least 8 weeks before the exams of the WSET Level 4 Diploma. Supporting evidence must be provided with the Form. The specific arrangements for the examination process itself, or for marking, will be agreed in each case between W.S.P.C. and WSET Awards and will vary according to the individual circumstances. Please note that WSET W.S.P.C. cannot offer reasonable adjustments to any students until this has been agreed with WSET Awards. Students and their advisors should be aware that it is not appropriate to make requests for reasonable adjustments where the student’s difficulty directly affects performance in the attributes that are the focus of the assessment. W.S.P.C. will keep records of all reasonable adjustment applications.



Registration is completed succesfully upon payment of the respective tuition fees. In case a student wants to cancel his / her registration, our Cancellation Policy follows:

- Full refund if cancellation is made known at least 20 working days prior to the commencement of the classes

- 50% refund if cancellation is made known at least 15 working days prior to the commencement of the classes

Students do not get refunded if they cancel after the aforementioned timeframes.

 Interested in our Cancellation Policy for WSET Diploma and/or CMS courses? Contact us at education@wspc.gr  



As a WSET Approved Programme Provider, W.S.P.C. is committed in implementing the Policies and Regulations that enhance the good reputation of both organizations, safeguard the integrity of the Qualifications offered, and promote confidence in the processes at all times.

W.S.P.C. orients, informs and keeps all its employees –executives and instructors- updated in order to maintain the proper functioning of the organization without any deviation from the principles and processes required by both W.S.P.C. and WSET aimed at accessible to all quality services, high standards learning experiences and worldwide renowned Qualifications.

To that extent, W.S.P.C. Management, as well as every member of W.S.P.C. team is fully updated regarding the processes provided for by both organizations regarding the context of “conflict of interest” and committed in undertaking all necessary actions on a proactive level, as well as in case such incident  takes place.  


Any queries about our Policies? Contact us at education@wspc.gr We will be more happy to reply to any question.