The "Halari Bros SA." Scholarship

Granted to the best average score of a graduate of the fifth unit of the  WSET®Diploma  Exam on Sparkling Wines (Unit 5: Sparkling Wines of the World). The scholarship winner will go on a three-day trip to  Reims in the Champagne district. In addition, a visit around  the property, dinner in a specially  designated area within ​​the winery and a tour of many kilometres of corridors  in the cellars of the estate, tens of metres below the the ground!

The "VINETUM / ABELOTOPI" Journalism Scholarship

Granted for the  best paper / project to be  submitted before the 1st November 2010 to the WSPC®  offices by students of Levels 3 & WSET® Diploma entitled "How is the Greek Wine Industry dealing with the recession?" The Vinetum / Ambelotopi scholarship for 2011 is as follows: We ask for a journalistic investigation of 2000-2500 words. What is required is a journalistic investigation with interviews and reports about what is happening within the industry and/or in other countries leading to  a conclusion, not necessarily indicating the opinion of the writer. That is to say that aim is to present a research and journalistic report, not an opinion article. The Scholarship of Vinetum / Ambelotopi constitutes firstly of the publication of the selected article, but also to send the author  to an exhibition abroad with all expenses paid. The scholarship was announced and presented at the WSPC graduation ceremony in 2010, by the President of VINETUM E.P.E Mr. Constantine Stergides. The scholarship winner, should there be one, will be announced in 2011 and the scholarship itself will be presented at the  WSPC graduation  ceremony in 2012.

The "ΑIOLOS - CERETTO" Scholarship

Granted for the  highest average score of a graduate student of the  Diploma exams of the first two Sections of WSET® Diploma (Units 1 & 2: Vinification / Viticulture & Global Business of Wine). The Scholarship will be a three-day educational trip with visits to the Ceretto family wineries in Piemonte, Italy.

The "GENKA S.A.." Scholarship

Granted for the highest average score of a graduate of the third, and most challenging, Study Unit of the  WSET® Diploma (Unit 3: Light Wines of the World) which examines the students both at a theoretical and practical level on white & red wines of the world. The scholarship includes a three -day educational trip to the Miguel Torres winery in Vilafranca del Penedes in Spain, in order for the scholarship winner to attend the "Miguel Torres Wine Course", training programme  which is considered to be a  "crash course" on topics relating to wine, sales and marketing. Only 25 people from around the world are accepted in this educational programme which, it is worth noting, is taught by Mr  Miguel A. Torres himself!