Fine Dining Waters unique experience


The slightly fizzy natural mineral water S. Pellegrino is sourced in the heart of Italian Alps, in a naturally protected region due to its morfology, near Brembo river. Pure, with high quality it can turn every meal to a unique experience. Already known since 12th century,  it reached the export markets in 1900. Nowadays more than 700 hundred million bottles are sold in more than  110 countries all over the world. San Pelegrino is in global cooperation with: Starwood hotels, Relais & Chateaux, Michelin Guide. It is the natural mineral water proposed from the ASI. 

Acqua Panna

The natural mineral water Acqua Panna is sourced and bottle in a protected environment of unparalleled beauty. In the slopes of mount Gazarro in 1125m altitude, this particular region has been the summer resort of an aristrocratic Florence family. Their luxury house, Villa Panna, exists until today and it is illustrated in the label. The whole area is under control in order to retain the unique flora and fauna.


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