Nikos Panidis
WSET® Syllabus & Diploma Coordinator

I was born in 1968 in Germany where I grew up. My decision to deal exclusively in wines was the culmination  of a continuous search through my various professional activities in the catering industry. My studies, initially in gastronomy - at the Culinary Institute of Levi in Thessaloniki - and later with the WSET® England in London, gave me the opportunity to deal within the wine industry on a more effective and professional basis. I worked first as a Sommelier in leading restaurants in Greece high dining and for last three years I have the title of Chief Sommelier at major international wine fairs, have worked as an external partner with the HEPO(Export Promotion Agency). Since January 2008 I have become a  permanent member of the  WSPC® family, for whose members I  have the deepest respect and appreciation. Undeniably the WSPC® played a catalytic role in my development both professionally and personally.