Κoulelis Ιoannis Μ.Β.Α.
WSET® Qualifications in Wines -Senior Lecturer

Ioannis Koulelis is a graduate in the field of Food Technology of the TEI Athens (1981),and has a Diploma in Food Microbiology & Quality Control TDRI from Great Britain (1985). In 2003 he  was awarded an MBA degree from Leicester University, UK. From 1986 until now he is active in the Greek wine and ςine sectors as a Production Manager and / or Commercial Director and / or General Manager and / or Director of Marketing, having worked for some of the largest Production and Sales companies within the Greek wines and drinks market (I . Boutari & Son Wineries SA, Oinopiitiki Ltd., Ambelooiniki Ltd, Creta Olympias AE, KYRGIANNI SA -B.S.Karoulias). He is currently working as Marketing Director of the commercial wine and drinks company, Vinalia AE.

John Koulelis simultaneously operates  as a Senior Lecturer in Wines & Marketing - Management for the Greek centre of WSET® London, the WSPC® and at the same time is studying for WSET® Diploma.

Μatthidis Andreas DipWSET
WSET® Qualifications in Wines- Senior Lecturer

Andreas Matthidis DipWSET graduated with honours from the Higher School of Tourism in Rhodes (ASTER) in 1983 and in 1988 from Athens University of Economics (formerly ASOEE). From 1983 until today, he held managerial positions in large Greek and multinational companies (Intercontinental, Platis Catering, The Kyriakos Filippou Group , Oenotria Earth ,Kostas Lazaridis, WS Karoulias AVEEP). He was a founding member of the Greek Association of Sommeliers and since 2005 he is the President of the Association. From 2005 to 2007 he was a member of the Board of Directors  of the World Association of Sommeliers (ASI) and since 2008 a member of the current Board of Directores of the Chain Des Rotisseurs Greece.  Andreas Matthidis , along with operating as Training & Development Advisor for Wine and Spirits for the WS Karoulias Company has also been working as a Senior Lecturer for educational programmes (Wine & Spirits) of WSPC® and since 2009 holds the qualification WSET® Diploma.

Loukakis Nikos
WSET® Qualifications in Wines- Senior Lecturer

 Nikos Loukakis is a distinguised graduate of the WSET® Advanced Certificate. He has been professionally involved in the catering field for twenty years, first as a  Sommelier with: Bajazzo, Island, Central, Varouklo and Mezzo-Mezzo. From 2000 to 2005 he has worked at a managerial level within the areas of Beverage Category and Wine Marketing Management in large companies in the area of wine. The following  five years he served as Operations Manager at Matsuhisa Mykonos, Nobu St Moritz, Island & DaVinci. Currently he is working as Wine Manager with GENKA Commercial. In the Pan-Hellenic Competitions of  1998 and 2000 - aimed to showcase the best Greek Sommelier- he was placed first thereby winning the right to represent Greece at  European and World level in the two subsequent competitions in the same years. Since 2002 he is a member of the Board of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Sommeliers being responsible for organizing the annual national competitions. Nikos Loukakis, is currently Senior Lecturer in Levels 1 & 2 WSPC® and he has been lecturing for WSPC® since the founding of the organization in Greece, in 2004.


Papasinou Tinα MSc
WSET® Qualifications in Wines-Junior Lecturer

Tina Papasinou studied "Oenology & Beverage Technology" at the Faculty of Food Technology & Nutrition  at TEI Athens. She obtained her Masters degree  in "Food Technology- Quality Assurance" awarded by the department of Food Biosciences of the University of Reading in Britain. She continued her studies in Greece, passing the Intermediate & Advanced certificates of WSET® England with honours. Since 2006 she has been working as a lecturer for the Greek WSET®. centre   Indeed she is so far, the only female Lecturer of the  educational WSPC® programmes  . Currently studying for  the  Diploma, the  highest WSET®, course, she works in the field  of sales and winemaking with DIMITER SA  for the Hatzimichalis Estate. She is a regular columnist in the magazine "The News of Oineas"' of the wine club " Oineas"

Michailos Gregory DipWSET
WSET® Qualifications in Wines-Senior Lecturer

Michailos Gregory DipWSET was born in January 1978 in Athens and grew up in an environment where food and wine always held a special place. He comes from a family with a long tradition in catering, which inspired in him a love for aromas and flavours. His studies in the Department of Chemical Engineering, NTUA and in music, did not interrupt a rather pre-destined course and in 2004, he takes over the family restaurant Paradiso. In August 2009 he is amongst the first three graduates of the  WSET® Diploma. As an honours student at all levels of WSET® he received 4 scholarships, whereas he was awarded the Diploma with merit. Since 2010 he has been part of the group of WSPC® advisors and since June 2014 has taken the position of Communications Coordinator with WSPC®. Along with John Karakasis he  runs the dynamic wine blog of the Wine Commanders.

Stathis Saltas AIWS
WSET® Qualifications in Wines-Junior Lecturer

Together with his career on film and television production, Stathis Saltas started working in wine and spirits industry in 2006, initially in the fields of hospitality and sales. As a W.S.P.C. student he managed to obtain his WSET Diploma, the highly desirable title of Wine and Spirit Education Trust, in 2012. Stathis is a W.S.P.C. lecturer of WSET Levels 1 and 2 Awards in Wines and HESTIA Level 3 Advanced Certifiacte on the world of Greek wines. Since 2012 he is working with official organizations aiming at the promotion of Greek wines abroad (Wines of Greece, Enterprise Greece), as well as Greek wineries, on the production of educational and informational A/V content (videos and documentaries) through his company Novolite. From 2017, Stathis is a Retail Manager at "Wine and Spirits Gallery", a major retail company owned by Anthidis family. 

NIkos Panidis
WSET® Qualifications in Wines-Junior Lecturer

I was born in 1968 in Germany where I grew up. My decision to deal exclusively in wines was the culmination  of a continuous search through my various professional activities in the catering industry. My studies, initially in gastronomy - at the Culinary Institute of Levi in Thessaloniki - and later with the WSET® England in London, gave me the opportunity to deal within the wine industry on a more effective and professional basis. I worked first as a Sommelier in leading restaurants in Greece high dining and for last three years I have the title of Chief Sommelier at major international wine fairs, have worked as an external partner with the HEPO(Export Promotion Agency). Since January 2008 I have become a  permanent member of the  WSPC® family, for whose members I  have the deepest respect and appreciation. Undeniably the WSPC® played a catalytic role in my development both professionally and personally.